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You love books? You do not care if your device is an iPhone,
Android, PC, tablet or something else?

Welcome to your independent source of eBooks on the web!

Free eBooks

There are not many REAL free sources for your eBooks out there:

Project Gutenberg:
I love them. They do a good job in gathering the classics and you can find one or the other great free book there. The German classics are there, philosophical stuff, historical ebooks, etc.

SCRIBD: free and for sale:
Pretty massive now. There are a lot of free documents for you to download to your reader. Mostly for contemporary research or for teasers. Too many SEOs abusing it, but still a good source!

Commercial Downloads

Most of the current offers are combined with their reader, like the Kindle.

Tradebit eBooks:
Our own, independent source. Works with the Adobe Digital Editions readers out there, so YES, also on Android with the standard installed ebook apps you can find.
Probably the leader of the pack for downloads without a hardware device. Ranks on #1 on Google for years now. They also got their supply from Ingram Digital and other wholesellers.


With a device comes the lock-in to the store you use.

They have 3 versions. Powered by Amazon in the back.

Barnes & Noble goes a similar way to the Kindle.

Any Android Reader:
Most of the tablets running Android are pretty good to read eBooks on!

Some Notes About Readers

eInk or Not?

I personally run with 2 devices: an Amazon Kindle Touch with eInk to read outside, on holidays, etc. The display is NOT illuminated and gives you more of a book feeling. I have finished about 15 books now on that device.

If you want to read INSIDE, at night, basically ALWAYS when it is dark: you need a device that is illuminated. I have the Nexus 7 tablet from Google for it.

I am currently using the Kindle app on all devices, even on my iPhone in the subways. It sync's the library quite OK and I can take the continue reading where I left the other device.

We will expand this list over time!

German collection

We have recently closed another distribution deal with a German vendor for additional 100,000 eBooks and offer those on in German. The whole catalog can also be searched and found via our Reader Apps for iOS and Android. Search for "tradebit" in the app stores!